developed by XiuXiu
30th Music Biennale Zagreb visual identity

Comissioned by croatian composers society / 2018—19 / visual identity concept Hrvoje Spudić and Sven Sorić + sound design concept Tin Dožić / trailer sesign and edit Sara Salamon

An identity that is made of both image and sound was the starting point for the design concept of a visual identity of the 30th Music Biennale Zagreb. It was created by reinterpreting a physical sound record into a diagram of a sound wave amplitude per unit of time. Such a recording is visually depicted as a series of parallel lines of varying density. In this way, a simple yet flexible identity system was created, the distinctiveness of language was reduced to the relation between a neutral surface and varying lines, but its radical simplicity and non-narrative quality is highlighted in a visual cacophony of an everyday urban space.