developed by XiuXiu
31. Music biennale Zagreb 2021

Comissioned by croatian composers society / 2020—21 / visual identity concept Sven Sorić + sound design concept Tin Dožić + motion design Sara Salamon / clarinet performed by Branimir Norac

The design we created communicates 20th century heritage and modernity. We use acoustic and electronic sounds for videos. The dynamics of the composition within the network are reminiscent of New Tendencies 2 and 4. The generating of sound for the videos is digital, but the methods are an homage to the experimental composing techniques of the middle of the last century. The permutations of the composition in the print medium are almost infinite, they function like a single "frame" of animation. The "Celebration" rotating wheel is a postmodern element. The typography is contemporary, not even half a decade old.