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Sven Sorić was born in Sisak, Croatia in 1989. In 2008 he started studying on the faculty of architecture in Zagreb, and in 2015 he earned his master’s degree.

In his practice he designs visual identities, books and publications for cultural institutions such as the Music Biennale Zagreb, the Faculty of Architecture Zagreb, the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Museum of Architecture Zagreb, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Southeast Europe, Faculty of humanities and social sciences Zagreb, Sisak City Museum, City Gallery Striegl in Sisak, Croatian Designers Association etc. In the process of designing identities for complex and layered events and programes he often collaborates with artists from out of the design field.

He is the co-founder of This Town Needs Posters, a platform for analog and experimental printing which starded in 2012. Their design is based on simple typographic compositions and the graphic qualities of the materials used for print. The project was awarded and presented through lectures and exhibitions. 

In 2018 he was a resident at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin where he worked on a project in analog methods of archiving. While staying there he also held two workshops in print and self-publishing. The same year he co-founded the informal studio space M28 in Zagreb with Tin Dožić, Sara Salamon, Hrvoje Spudić and Bojan Crnić, today it includes also Andro Giunio, Lana Grahek, Luana Lojić and Vanda Kreutz.

Since 2018 he collaborates on various sound art-related projects with Tin Dožić on whose series of sleeping concerts he participated in Berlin in 2018 and 2019, as well as on the island Silba in 2019. In June 2020 they realized the project “Radical Now: Streaming Coordinates” as a series of live streams from the industrial brownfields of Sisak with an exhibition which documented the process. 

He became a member of the Croatian Designers Association in the professional category in 2017, and as of 2018 he is officially a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association. As of 2021 he is a member of the Executive Board of the Croatian Dsigners Association.


+ 385 91 584 04 84


2014 Dan D, Zagreb, first prize (w. TTNP)
2015 Mikser Award, Belgrade (w. TTNP)
2020 Zagreb Salon of applied arts and design


2014 Dan D, Zagreb (w. TTNP)
2014 OKC Palach, Rijeka (w. TTNP)
2015 Mikser Festival, Belgrade (w. TTNP)
2015 Holland house, Sisak (w. TTNP)
2015 Foundation Danilo Kiš, Subotica (w. TTNP)
2015 Plakatomat, HDLU, Zagreb (w. TTNP)
2017 HDD gallery, Zagreb (w. TTNP)
2018 Biennal exhibition of Croatian Design
2020 Salon of applied arts and design, Zagreb
2020 Radical Now: Streaming coordinates, Sisak
2020 Touch me festival, Zagreb (w. M28)


2014 Pecha Kucha night, Sarajevo (w. TTNP)
2015  DA festival, Zagreb (w. TTNP)
2016  Fluid Design Forum, Montenegro (w. TTNP)
2017  HDD gallery, Zagreb (w. TTNP)


2018 Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin

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