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Sven Soric (Sisak, 1989) is a freelance graphic designer whose practice is focused on printed matter and visual identity systems. Most of his work is done in the field of institutionalised and independent culture. After gaining a master’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb in 2015, he pursued a full time freelance design practice. He is a member of the Croatian Designers Association and the Croatian Freelance Artists Association.
Sven Soric was born in Sisak, Croatia in 1989. In 2008 he started studying architecture in Zagreb, and in 2015 he earned his master's degree.
        In 2012 he established This Town Needs Posters, a platform for analog and experimental printing together with Hrvoje Spudic. Their design is based on simple typographic compositions and the graphic qualities of the materials used for print. Since they have no formal education in printing, all the mistakes and imperfections are accepted and shown in the final results as a part of the process. They work with the independent cultural scene in Croatia and abroad, for institutions and clubs such as Mocvara, Zedno Uho, ZEZ, Klubvizija SC, Attack, among others.
        They were awarded for the project in Zagreb in 2014 and Belgrade in 2015. They lectured on SOS Design Festival in Sarajevo, Fluid Design Forum in Bar, DA festival in Zagreb, Visual Communication Design Studies in Split and Skopje Poster Festival. They actively hold workshops and have had exhibitions in Zagreb, Rijeka, Belgrade, Sisak, Skopje. In 2017 they had a five year retrospective exhibition at the Croatian Designers Association gallery.
        In his personal practice he designs books and publications for cultural institutions such as Sisak City Museum, City Gallery Striegl in Sisak, Krsto Hegedusic Gallery, Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb, Architecture Museum in Zagreb etc.
        He became a member of the Croatian Designers Association in the professional category in 2017, and as of 2018 he is officially a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists Association.
        In 2018 he was a resident at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin where he worked on a project in analog methods of archiving. While staying there he also held two workshops in print and self-publishing.

+ 385 91 584 04 84

AWARDS / WITH this town needs posters
        2014 Dan D: Design on the edge, first prize
        2015 Mikser Award, Mikser Festival, Belgrade

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS / WITH this town needs posters
        2014 Dan D: Design on the edge, Zagreb
        2014 okc Palach, Rijeka
        2015 Mikser Festival, Belgrade
        2015 Holland house, Sisak City Museum
        2015 Foundation Danilo Kiš, Subotica
        2015 Plakatomat, installation, hdlu, Zagreb
        2017 Retrospective exhibition, HDD gallery, Zagreb

LECTURES / WITH this town needs posters
        2014 Pecha Kucha night, sos Design Festival, Sarajevo
        2015 da festival, Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb
        2016 Fluid Design Forum, Bar session, Montenegro
        2017 HDD gallery, Zagreb

SELECTED WORKSHOPS / WITH this town needs posters
        2015 Political poster, the liberation of
        Zagreb anniversery

        2015 Archiving the city, Dan D, Zagreb
        2015 Protoposter, Dubrovnik
        2016 Imprint By Me, Fluid DesignForum, Montenegro
        2016 What is left after the poster?, Museum of                         contemporary art, Boris Bućan retrospective, Zagreb
        2016 Recycleprint, Arts and Crafts museum, Zagreb
        2017 Primitive print, mkc Kocka, Split
        2017 Primitive print and typography reconstruction,               Visual Communication Design Studies, Split

        2018 Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin